Real-life learning journeys
for the next generation of changemakers.

Helping teams make great things happen with creative action and critical thinking.
We design challenges that deliver innovation and teach essential skills for the future of work.

  • Does your organisation want to be more agile so it can adapt, survive and thrive?

  • Are there pressing realities your team should be working on, inside or outside your business?

  • Is your role in any way related to developing a workforce fit for the future?

If that was three ‘yesses’, give us five more minutes of your time and read on.

The future of work is already here. And it’s different.
Changemaking organisations are flatter and more fluid. Work gets done by informal networks of people connecting to collaborate on mission-critical tasks. Power is distributed, boundaries are blurred. The winners in this new world are nimble and responsive, guided by clarity of purpose.

This world calls for a new type of learning. We call it ‘real-life learning’.
Real-life learners participate in making change, not in being driven by it. They create spaces in their work for tapping intuition, exercising imagination, and discovering the courage to lead and learn by doing, in rapid cycles, on real time.

Ownership reigns supreme. It’s about freedom within a framework.
A perfect challenge sets constraints in which ‘real-lifers’ freely decide their personal and project team learning objectives. Guided by expert coaches and facilitators, they tackle them in motion, and review their progress together as a team. It’s active, inclusive, reflective and responsive.

Above all it delivers results, the ones your business needs.


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Build a team with functional diversity, shared purpose and radical responsibility.

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Provide tools and the freedom to ‘work in the wild’ on business critical challenges.



Build resilience, embed learning and start a creative leadership movement.

Remapping skills for the future of work
Real life learning is leadership development with a human heart. It centres on the enterprise skills that will keep people useful in the artificially intelligent future workplace. Skills like creativity, critical thinking, emotional intelligence and empathy.

Whatever the team goal, whatever the individual objectives, we aim to develop more flexible thinking, clearer purpose and the ability to bring that purpose to life.

We work from the inside-out:
Stimulating personal and team growth through reflection and action, at the individual, group and organisation levels.

…and from the outside-in:
Incentivising growth by deepening the connections teams have with the people and results your business cares about most.

Our credentials

We're a new business built on a wealth of experience in the worlds of innovation, transformation, comms, engagement and design. Here are some companies our team have worked with.