We help teams and organisations take on challenges that matter and move forward creatively, as one. 

three ingredients. endless potential.

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1. UNite people

Creative workshops to inspire breakthrough thinking, bold vision and focused strategy.

2. spark action

User-centred innovation challenges that harness the diversity in your organisation.


3. BUIld muscle

Flexible training to equip people for design thinking and leading change.

We believe that when people come together they bring value to commercial and social challenges.

This drives our mission: to help diverse groups collaborate, get creative and make the future.

So often, people get caught up in 'busyness' and rear-view-mirror decisions, but when you need to innovate, it's time to think outside the screen and get out of the building...

At Kaleida, we actively involve people inside organisations in doing things better and very often, doing things differently.

Our approach is ‘outside-in’ which means starting with empathy for real users and customers, and uncovering surprising insights along the way. At the sharp end of things, we help you test new ideas quickly and cheaply with prototypes and pilot projects to ensure new solutions create lasting value.


Our name is inspired by the way a kaleidoscope creates infinite potential from just a few simple ingredients.

In the same way, our co-creation workshops, innovation challenges and learning experiences bring together diverse people and perspectives to create new possibilities.

Our credentials

We're a new business built on 40 years experience in the worlds of innovation, communication, engagement and design. Here are some companies our founders have worked with.