Forward-thinking people
make great things happen. 

Our work has delivered results for charities, corporates, SMEs and startups.

Our Values

It all comes down to people, process and purpose. Here's how we bring it to life:

Get creative, collaborate, make good stuff happen.

Step off the path, defy gravity.

Stay curious, love stories, put others first.

If that sounds like your take on the world, don’t be a stranger, drop us a line.

The Team

Kaleida is a diverse community of gifted motivators and problem solvers: actors, artists, communicators, change managers, coaches, consultants, designers, digital strategists, entrepreneurs, innovators, marketers, project managers, researchers and writers.

We are always looking to connect with new contributors. If you believe we’re on similar or excitingly different paths, please do get in touch.

Jamie Tott


Hi, I’m Jamie, Kaleida’s founder. There’s more blurb about me on LinkedIn. To save time, a few key facts:

  • I’m a ‘make it happen’ kind of guy. My superpower makes the experience of people working together in teams, and on themselves, seem a lot, lot easier.

  • I believe creative potential lies hidden in every workplace. My self-determined mission is to help you find yours.

  • Working with me means thinking differently, reassessing old ideas and taking the odd courageous leap into new territory.

leverage diversity.
let the light in.


Kaleidoscopes rock! What’s not to love about anything that creates infinite potential from a few simple components? That’s why we based our brand on them.

Real-life learners do the same. When diverse groups of people mix creative process with pressing, often complex problems, endless possibilities seem to emerge.