Co-create. Inspire the next leap forward.

Tailored sessions that unite people in setting vision, solving problems and shifting mindsets.

Something for all occasions

Whatever your goal: to focus on a specific problem, imagine possibility, stimulate new thinking or build prototypes; or if you simply need to get on with the muck and bullets of implementation, we help you get results.

From part or whole day workshops to away-days, conference breakouts and organisation-wide engagement projects, we craft experiences that help you move forward, as one. 


Unpick problems, create solutions
When you've got a pressing problem, a team that needs to pull together, or an audacious goal to realise sometimes you just can't beat having an outside facilitator. 

We have a well-thumbed playbook of facilitation tools and techniques that will draw your team into shared problem solving space and get the result you need in just 2-3 hours. We aim to engage everyone in the room by bring together analytical and creative worlds, with effective decision making to turn ideas into action.

Before a single Post-It is peeled in anger we work with you to craft a session that will unpack the problem, optimise the search for solutions and land back on solid ground with a plan of action. 

Set strategic goals, inspire action
You can’t beat some big and hairy audacious goals for getting teams champing at the bit. And strategy gains traction when it is placed in the hands of those closest to the action.

In this workshop we start by opening up new perspectives and debating strategy, and then get people focused on setting goals, milestones and innovation challenges. It's kind of good cop - bad cop but it gets results. Sometimes we run this in a multi-workshop format.

We'll work with your people to turn your mission into believable, achievable targets that drive innovation from the operations level up.

Paint the vision, make a mission
A perfect mission inspires action and the time spent moulding a coherent picture of the future pays you back in spades.

In this workshop we’ll help your team go beyond business as usual to see differently, and to breathe life into your vision and mission with a co-creative effort that builds unity.

We’ll make sure the motivation to innovate is woven throughout to spark collaborative effort and a break from the old ways.


Inspiring keynotes
No-one likes a good talking to, but a great one serves as a strong catalyst for change. Let us help you spark a future-focused mindset in your organisation.

We can deliver one-off talks, or something special to form part of a deeper programme. Either way, our keynotes come lovingly crafted to rouse leaders’ interests and to inspire action for exactly the kind of change you want.

Taster challenges
These are a great way to bring any leadership event or away day alive, or even back from the dead!

A ready-made challenge is a creative defibrillator. It delivers a burst of energy and purpose that also serves as a glimpse into how co-creation and design thinking might help your organisation do better things with Future Leadership.

We're here to make your life easier, so drop us a line if you want to learn more.