Do more with CR
Every mile run, each penny donated: it’s all good. But we think there's a smarter way to do more.

Make deeper connections

When we see skilled people donating unskilled labour, we see a missed opportunity.

What if deeper connections could be made by harnessing precious skills and expertise to deliver tangible benefits for social issues and responsible businesses?

Tackle social challenges
We believe that when people collaborate they bring real value to commercial and social challenges.

Kaleida captures this value in collaborative design challenges that enable skilled people to address problems that matter.


How does it work?
Put simply, causes set challenges and sponsoring teams practice new skills in helping to solve them. It amounts to leveraged expertise for the cause and effective skills transfer for the sponsor . 

Options abound. Some challenges have lone sponsors, others are formed by multiple businesses coming together. Formats range from short immersives to longer engagements. Objectives run from seeing problems with fresh eyes to building prototypes and implementing full-blown solutions.

However it's cut, there's learning and value for all involved.

What are the benefits?

   - Design experiences
   - Brand engagement
   - Reputation


   - Leveraged expertise
   - Donor engagement
   - Insights & concepts


   - Leadership skills
   - Creative confidence
   - Social contribution

Public programmes and challenges
It’s early days but we’re working on a programme of public challenges to allow smaller cohorts of individuals, students, entrepreneurs, and social and public enterprises, to join in the Future Leadership movement.

Let us know if you're interested.

Get in touch

Whether you’re a cause organisation or a profit-driven one, we’d love a chat about how we might help you build new bridges to the world - drop us a line.