Not sure where or how to innovate?
Then start here.

When it comes to benchmarking we prefer to let the academics and social scientists do the heavy lifting for us. Our assessments have been heavily researched and peer-reviewed for reliability and validity.

They provide low-cost insightful reinforcement, helping to identify where to focus effort and how to improve innovative behaviour at the individual, team or organisation level.

VIEW: An Assessment of Problem Solving Styles
A self-assessment of individuals’ preferred problem solving styles. VIEW equips people to turn the diversity that so often derails change, into a source of value creation.

KEYS® to Creativity and Innovation
This survey instrument from the Center for Creative Leadership assesses psychological and behavioural climate factors that support or limit innovation inside your organisation.

A 360-degree assessment providing straightforward and practical feedback on job-related skills. Easy to complete and simple to interpret.

NESTA Innovation Audit
This interview-based diagnostic provides detailed insight into the drivers and inhibitors of innovative behaviour at your company.

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