Invest in the future

Take the money you were going to spend on design thinking or leadership development and use it to teach every employee how to think like a gamechanger.

Light an entrepreneurial fire in the hearts of your employees by getting them to work on mission-critical challenges with the skills of leading changemakers. We call it real-life learning.

three ingredients. endless potential.

Kaleida delivers real-life learning through facilitation and on demand learning. We help you:

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1. UNite people

Build high-performing teams with shared purpose and radical responsibility.

2. spark action

Engage diverse teams in ‘crowdsolving’ your most challenging problems.


3. BUIld muscle

Equip your future leaders with the skills and mindset of leading changemakers.

If you can answer "Yes" to these questions, then you don't need us.

1. Does your organisation enable creativity and innovation to flourish?

2. Do you mobilise and equip talent to solve complex problems?

3. Have you identified, and are you building the capabilities you’ll need to succeed in future?

If you answered no to one or more, then let's talk! We can help you build a sustainable movement of committed and capable changemakers.  

Real life learning is a problem-solving and leadership development process that involves small groups working on real problems, taking actions, and learning to improve performance as individuals, as a team, and as an organisation.

We support this endeavour with facilitation and ‘on demand’ learning for creativity, design, and critical thinking, and personal development.

Our process works outside-in and inside-out.

We start with empathy for real users and customers, and get teams to test new ideas at low cost with low fidelity prototypes.

We help people grow and develop by reflecting themselves, the teams they work in, their organisations and their role in society.


We're fascinated by kaleidoscopes. With just a few simple elements they create infinite potential.

Real-life learning has the same effect. Diverse groups working on complex problems with new tools, skills and mindsets allows endless possibilities emerge.

Our credentials

We're a new business built on 40 years experience in the worlds of innovation, communication, engagement and design. Here are some companies our founders have worked with.


Where to play?

To break through the noise and cut a path towards action, we work with you to:

-       Define the most urgent, complex problems for the organisation
-       Build teams with the perfect mix of expertise and motivation
-       Tailor learning to fit with your culture and existing development practices

As well as listening carefully to shape projects, we also use a suite of diagnostics to help pinpoint the perfect approach.