Throw down the gauntlet.

 Inspire activists and get people fired up for a mission critical challenge.

We help organisations see and act on opportunity by forming powerful missions and equipping teams to respond with human-centred design and creativity.

You could be looking at top line growth, bottom line savings, better customer experience, or new ways of working.

Whatever your focus, we bring the tools and knowhow to get your people on point.

Kaleida real life learning challenges are designed to inspire action by building empathy for customers and users, leveraging diversity, and experimenting with prototypes on the path to new solutions.

Aim for the bullseye
We help clients take on mission-relevant opportunities. Here are some example challenges:

Business improvement

Marginal Gains 
drive value from small changes that add up

Open Innovation
create win-wins with suppliers & partners

Organisation Design
fit structures & processes to your brand & strategy

products & services

Service Design
wrap your service around customer needs & wants

Customer Experience
design & deliver truly joyful experiences

new products, new markets, new business models

people & organisation

Strategy Activation
Energise people to deliver your plan

Talent Development challenge ‘rising stars’ to find new potential

Employee Experience
design places & processes that work for people

Scope a challenge
We’ve got the experience and knowhow to get your project just right. Let us help you:

-       Identify the most promising challenge opportunities

-       Frame the outcomes and essential constraints for a challenge

-       Select a team with the perfect mix of knowledge, skills and experience

As well as listening carefully, we also use a suite of diagnostics to make sure our challenges are tailored to meet the needs of your organisation.

Contact us to see how we could help, or to arrange a free 'Kaleida-scoping' session.