Erase all thoughts of traditional
classroom training.

Buckle up.

Kaleida’s learning experiences
are totally hands-on: we don’t teach delegates, we inspire activists.

This is guerrilla learning for people seeking commercial and social gains. We equip people with the skills and tools that leading changemakers use to turn ideas into action and results.

It’s not about lectures and case studies, it’s about building the muscle and mindset to lead innovation from the grassroots up.

Get ready for a thought-provoking, heart-opening journey of personal discovery and mastery.


Empower your people


Bite-sized experiential sessions for managers and leaders to transfer the skills, knowledge and mindset for the future of work.

creative leaders PROGRAMMES

In-company leadership and innovation programmes that equip people to make an impact with collaboration, creativity and purpose.


Live challenges that foster skills for design thinking and creative collaboration while deepening learning and discovery.  

what you get

- Personalised development goals

- Build self and social awareness

- Capability for harnessing diversity

- Toolkits for leading creativity

- Frameworks for delivering innovation

- Communication and storytelling skills

Masterclasses & Intros

We provide standalone or multi-module masterclasses that can be delivered flexibly around live learning challenges.

Introductory sessions
- Creative and design thinking
- User interviews
- User journey mapping
- Value proposition development
- Problem framing & idea generation
- Prototyping

- Leading for innovation
- Communicating for impact
- Discovering personal values
- Leading diverse teams
- Personal resilience
- Facilitation skills

But wait, there's more...

Taster challenges
These are a great way to bring any leadership event or away day alive, or even back from the dead! A ready-made challenge is a creative defibrillator. It delivers a burst of energy and purpose that also serves as a glimpse into how co-creation and design thinking might help your organisation do better things with creative leadership.

Get measured first!
For a perfect and lasting fit we like to take some key measurements before we cut the cloth of an in-company programme, masterclass or tailor-made challenge.

We are qualified to deliver a range of tried-and-tested assessments, to reveal opportunities for improvement and to identify how best to build value from the diversity inside your organisation.

We're here to make life easier. Drop us a line if you want to learn more.